Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bits of Stardust

You don’t know me…
The day started
like any other,
until the fires of hell
rained down upon us.
A wife, a daughter,
a husband, a father:
I was all of these,
and then I was none.

You don’t know me…
en route home we heard the news.
Mid-air,  the question was
not whether we would die,
but who we could save.
We knew the consequences,
we made our choice.

You don’t know me…
I passed you coming down
as I was going up.
I trained for this moment
all of my life. I did my duty
until The World crumbled
around me, and all went black.

You don’t know me…
I watched in horror
as my country was attacked.
I cried for those I’d never know
and resolved that those responsible
would not go unpunished.

You don’t know me…
I am but a bit of stardust
drifting through time and space...

We are remembered not for who we are,
but who we become in the face of adversity

 9/11/2001...Let Us Never Forget!

Ginny Brannan 9/11/2013

Remembering those lost at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, in the sky over Pennsylvania, doing their duty as first responders. My heart still cries for those who were lost.


  1. great last is a stilling day and one i can eaily look back on and remember every detail....i was flying that day....

    1. I was at work and we overheard on the radio. Coming home, seeing the newscasts, so surreal. For 2 weeks afterwards my employer payed my wages to assist at our local Red Cross, helping to count donations, sort supplies coming in. Stories were heart-wrenching. I saw the Red Cross reach out to many locally here in Western MA, to comfort and support those who had lost family members in the attack. I will never forget the note from a father who'd lost his daughter...breaks my heart even now, 12 years later.

  2. A very beautiful piece crafted with love and sincerity. A tragic event that will never be forgotten. My heart goes out to the families who lost a loved one at this time.

  3. This sent chills through me! I think your employer is one of the heroes as well! Thank you for your volunteering.


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