Thursday, September 26, 2013

Of Magic Pumpkins and Glass Slippers

The lovely blond-haired maiden fair
took the stage and lived the tale;
a real life fairy story told
of talent and a voice of gold—
born with music in her soul.

In excerpts I remember her,
the pretty one I so admired…
I still see her as I look back,
belting out that rock and roll—
she sang from deep within her soul.

The clock has chimed and she must go—
the coach awaits its weary guest
to bear her home once more, to rest…
where she can heal— again be whole;
her voice still ringing in our soul.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

This is about a slightly older cousin whom I really barely knew. Yet one of my favorite childhood memories was her performance in a school musical of Cinderella where she sang the lead. Heck, she stole the show!! I can remember her in her teens when she was all about Woodstock, then hearing her sing at her brother’s wedding, then at a club in VT— lead singer in a band. Shortly after she left for California to sing and record. Then few years ago she came back her New England roots. Sadly, she passed yesterday, lost to early-onset Alzheimer’s. 
For Patti…you will always “Cinderella” to me.


  1. i am sorry for your loss...but i am glad that you brought out your positive memory of her....and you know, in the great after i bet she is singing proudly...smiles.

  2. Oh. I so love your poetry and this is no exception. The third stanza made me tear up. ...sing on, angel, sing on!


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