Sunday, November 18, 2012

Copacetic, Hunky-Dory, Awesome and Luminous

Smiling his crooked smile
he wheels slowly ‘round the corner …
greeting everyone he passes.

Some days wearing soft flannel shirt,
others dapper in tweed hat and jacket--
blue eyes sparkling, round face glowing with joy.

He speaks slowly, carefully…affects
of surgery, trauma, and treatments;
speech belying his intelligence.

When asked how he’s doing,
his answer has always been:
“Copacetic, hunky-dory and awesome!”

His passion is music: classic, contemporary, jazz…
the first to arrive at the Friday concerts
the last to leave, still tapping to the beat.

Lately, he has added a new word to his repertoire:
when asked “How ya doin’ today?” he fast replies:
“Copacetic, hunky-dory, awesome…and luminous!!”

Oh, that we could all grasp the simple joy
of living that he finds each day...

Oh, that we might be “luminous” too!

© Ginny Brannan November 2012

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 I work with the elderly, and many inspire me and touch my heart.  
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  1. When we encounter such presence in our life we are blessed for it. Love this, Ginny. :)

  2. I haven't heard hunky dory and copacetic said in a while. Great how they inspire you and you touch each others lives.

  3. the simple joy of that...and he sounds like quite the guy as well to be around...smiles.

  4. He sounds like a joy to be around Ginny. Hunky dory indeed :)

  5. That's a wonderful story! well told one, too. Thank you (psst! You have the best-lookin' Blogger/blogspot blog around. Sshhh! I always recomend Wordpress when people ask but you proved to me just how professional Blogger can look... I think now they are allowing people to have their own domain names too (for a price, no doubt) : )

  6. Just gorgeous Ginny.. you have really captured this character through his quirky speech... luminous :0

  7. Ginny,
    A great piece of characterization that your writing translates into a different level of meaning. Very well done. This seems to be a little different from the poetry you usually post, but it is equally artful and insightful. Very nice job. No need to comment back--no post from me this week. Happy Thanksgiving!


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