Sunday, November 11, 2012


Aureate billows pierce the sky
upon a sea of azure blue,
fading soon to a paler hue
as morning flames burn out and die.

We strive for riches far beyond,
possessions one may never own--
gifts shared by all, not held alone;
yet still we seek to seize the dawn.

© Ginny Brannan August 2012

Inspired by poem by my favorite poet, Robert Frost: "Nothing Gold Can Stay"
Sharing at d'Verse Poet's Pub Meeting the Bar: Literary Allusions 11/15/12


  1. This is a passionate poem. Human nature is funny in the way you describe it in your beautiful second stanza. The first truly describes a scene that we all love to see ... either in a sunrise or sunset. Lovely, as always.

  2. gifts shared by all and not held alone....what a beautiful world that would be would it the imagery in the opening as well ginny...smiles...great to see you!

  3. points just for using 'aureate", well done throughout. yes, we often seek to grab that thing of beauty and hold it tight...

  4. "yet still we seek to seize the dawn"
    ... such a strong line, love it.
    i am sure we will never be satisfied with what we have - and thus, keep tripping over our own feet.

  5. one of my beloved poets also...this is so gentle and frostlike! thankyou

  6. Wow, this opens with a wham-bang of a line. Beautifully done throughout!

  7. I'm not sure there's anyone who doesn't revere Frost and you've "done him proud," with this beautiful poem, laced with color and nature.


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