Monday, August 6, 2012

Drink Up!

 Ladies & gents, a toast....
Excerpt from image by John Singer Sargent

I raise this glass to all who’ve gone,
and love that cannot be…
but I am strong, I’ve carried on,
I raise this glass--to me!!

©  Ginny Brannan August 2012

Written for and inspired by the image posted at The Mag #129! Image provided by Tess Kincaid.


  1. good for you...we should stop to raise those glasses to ourselves...if for nothing else, our endurance...smiles...

  2. Cheering along with you ~ Nice one ~

  3. Wish I'd written that! In times of austerity this positivity is wonderful.This post deserves a toast. Here's looking at you Ginny!

  4. ah bravo! - I can't think of a more perfect toast than that...

  5. Salud! As we say here in Lanzarote.


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