Monday, July 23, 2012

Seeking Clarity

Figure Eight by Franz Kline

life in constant flux
we explore our center core
seeking clarity

much like yin and yang
attempting to find balance
in uncertainty

embracing the gray
in a world of black and white
a constant struggle

inner peace renewed
chaos ceases to exist
once more we are whole

© Ginny Brannan July 2012

Chinese symbols, Yin and Yang

Sharing at The Mag #127 ~ they provide the image, we provide the story!


  1. This is so inspirational... peace and balance comes from our center core when we are still enough to let it happen.

  2. a meditation, very nice ginny you capture a rather zen moment in this....

  3. Ah, yes! That perfect, clear balance. Nicely put! ex of mine (waaaay back!) had the symbols tattooed on his shoulders - dumped me soon after. What a waste of ink!!

  4. Or weeding out the black and white in a gray gray world...

    1. Tess, I just rephrased that one line to have it make more sense, to make it all-encompassing! Sometimes after spending so much time working on the composition, I miss the simplest of changes that can make a big difference in the meaning. Thanks!

  5. nicely done....thanks for sharing

  6. I like the new age vibe .........

  7. I like this very much Ginny. You've touched something vital here - so important in modern day life.

  8. The struggle to stay at center pretty much defines the way of life. The choices we make to stay in balance are in the end the sum of our life's work. Well stated here, Ginny. Lovely.

  9. I like "attempting to find balance
    in uncertainty" ~ Lovely share ~


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