Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Anna Marie"

Image by Sarolta Ban 

Old-fashioned rouged cheeks, 
a touch of lipstick on your lips,
fire engine red to match the
personality smoldering beneath;
and those  eyes--eyes sparked 
by ten-thousand memories …

You must’ve been something
in your day, a rare commodity,
a trendsetter ahead of your time.

Sacrificing love for career…
how many men tossed,
how many hearts lost
to those red lips and those
beautiful, savvy, lonely eyes?

© Ginny Brannan March 2011
Sharing at "The Mag" 107, image courtesy Tess Kincaid (she provides the image, we provide the story!)

One of my "Tales from the Inside." I work with the elderly and this is about one of them. At 96 she still wears red lipstick, using it also to "rouge" her cheeks much like my aunts used to do years ago.


  1. many questions leave you wondering

  2. eyes sparked by a 1000 memories....i like that...and i am sure she left a few broken hearts along the way...hope you are good ginny

  3. Oooh, lonely eyes...yes! Good one Ginny.

  4. She does look pretty savvy, doesn't she?


  5. the power is palpable here...a smoldering

    Peace ☮

  6. Very nice!


  7. It all comes down to those lonely eyes...


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