Sunday, March 25, 2012


We are only as good as our last poem--
the last words we wrote,
the last words we spoke
Would that we were all struck
deaf, blind and mute…
Would we still hear
the magic of birdsong in our heads,
imagine those purple-pink sunrises,
the colors of the rainbow,
the golden sunsets on still waters?
With no sight to read, hearing to
hear or voice to speak,
would words still form and
dance in our minds, seeking
outlet, seeking discovery?
The birds don’t stop singing,
nor does nature disappoint.
It is men who choose what
to block out, what to embrace;
and poets who paint with their
words, offering their voice
to those who can still open
their eyes, their ears, their hearts
to the beauty surrounding them.

© Ginny Brannan  March 2012

Galway Bay, Ireland 2006
Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #37


  1. I think it is just as important for the poet to write as it is for the reader to hear/see/feel so I think we must still hear the birds and see the golden sunsets somewhere in our minds and those who feel the same things we do will somehow feel it too...and those who don't never will. I still post poems and photos in my blogs even though almost nobody is looking at them.
    I like this. Nicely done.

    1. I think when the words come, when we are compelled to get them written down, that we do it first for us, then for the 'like-minded' reader who actually "gets it," if not necessarily the words themselves, then the compulsion to write them down and share them. And hopefully, those who do read our words appreciate that at that moment of our writing, we have actually shared a piece of ourselves, naked, for all to see.
      (BTW Charlie, Your poetry & photos are always an inspiration to me. Thank you.)

  2. We are only as good as our last poem--
    the last words we wrote,
    the last words we spoke

    Very true and authentic write! Write on! - Mosk

  3. I can't imagine a world without sound or the vibrant colours of it all.
    Yes, our worlds are a small part of who cares to read them.
    A lovely read!

  4. Hmmm...I wonder, would the words still swirl, dance, ache to be free if we could no longer see, hear, speak?

    Do the words evoke the vision, or the sounds, the vision nourish the words?

    Great poem!

  5. "We are only as good as our last poem"

    If I ever write a good one, I'll know to stop there. ;)

  6. hey Ginny

    these questions - these thoughts...

    i live from one write to the next...

    on a mood rollercoaster - lol

    if i havent written in a day or so
    my family make me to cut the tension lol

    tapping in to the mainframe here Ginny.

    all the best :)

  7. Hey Ginny. The life of a often we go it alone, but the need to express those inner ideas doesn't fade even when we do it just for ourselves. Great thoughts in this one, it's hard to imagine just how my world would be impacted by the loss you describe...makes me want to treasure the blessings of sight and hearing all the more. Thanks for sharing.

  8. i think it's something that comes from deep inside...and as we listen to our let's sing on...smiles

  9. We're only as good as our last poem...that is scary. We poets write from the vision within....great piece Ginny

  10. ha love the opening to true...but i also love the end in that we see, poets see the things that are usually passed as long as we keep seeing and keep writing it out we should be fine right? smiles.

  11. The artist's duty - to show to others what they look at every day and don't "see". It requires every tool we can find, every novelty, every truth. You have found that here!

  12. Few things I like more than an ars poetica, and this is as wonderfully personal as they come, peeling the layers to reveal the obligations of the creative heart.


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