Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Laughs --Limericks!!

Written for d'Verse Poets Form For All--How to Write a Limerick hosted by Madeline Begun Kane

His “friends” said he needed to diet
they all thought his weight was a riot
now he weighs less than half
yes, he’s had the last laugh
and those sniggering friends are all quiet!

She often ate baked beans with dinner
believing they’d help her get thinner
when later she’d pass
all kinds of  gas
she'd say better let out than kept in her!

Writing with some hesitation
while seeking the right inspiration
he often incurred
too many words
chalking them up to inflation!

©  Ginny Brannan March 2012

The rhythm may be less than perfect, but they were a lot of fun to write!


  1. The first and last were are my favorites. Love the pictures

  2. Not speaking with any authority (as these are pretty much my first limericks) but looks to me like you nailed the rhythm and more importantly the humor. Each one unique and very clever. Loved them!

  3. These limericks are great! Vwry funny and true to form. I loved the one about the woman who ate beans. I thought that was simply hilarious.

  4. that middle one made me bust out laughing ginny...ha...the first though...i hope he is me soon, i could stand to drop a few after winter you know...

  5. Ginny, your verses! So fun!
    I was sad when I found they were done.
    How I wished you'd write more -
    Maybe six and fourscore?
    Or two thousand six hundered and one?

  6. Nice job! You have good sense of humor and a feel for limerick meter. The first was best in terms of meter. All were fun.

    I hope you'll give my weekly Limerick-Off challenges a try.

  7. I'm working on number one--on YOUR first. Losing pretty good.
    But soon my half-size will be back to full.
    Some good writing MANY good lims on this Thursday evening.

  8. I love the first one, but they were all good. Maybe I'll try the excuse in the last wood. "Inflation" sounds so much better than verbose.

    Thank you for stopping by to read my offering and for your nice comment.

  9. All so clever it's hard to choose a favorite and nice pics.

  10. Great fun to write, and even greater fun to read. Brilliant illustrations too.

  11. Oh, that dreaded weigh
    He tried to keep it at bay
    He did what he could
    Now ’is body’s so good
    They really wish he would stray

  12. Ginny- These are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

  13. oh and they were lots of fun to read as well ginny...smiling...

  14. Omg- these had me howling- especially the beans one. Maybe there's a bit of the Irish in you ginny! Ha ha- limericks as they should be- fun!

  15. these are awesome, Ginny. You are a pro at writing limerick. My fav line is "saying better let out than kept in her" - hilarious!!!

  16. Number one is about a dear friend
    then a woman who lived with 6 men
    the third's about me
    though I'm not a "he"
    Quite fun from beginning to end!!

    FYI: All of these were "sparked" by real-life moments--the first, a dear friend of mine from back in high school, a retired vet now, found himself a bit heftier than he'd been & decided to do something about it. He is down 120 lbs & still dropping, looks great, feels terrific and I say "bravo!" The second "Better out than in" was from my dear mother-in-law, who for many years lived surrounded by 6 men--her father, her husband and 4 sons. Need I say more?!! The third, well that's actually poking fun at just me!


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