Monday, November 28, 2011


I am a blog follower of Victorio Ceretto Slotto, an amazing poet and writer. Recently, she informed me that I had placed the 8,000th comment on her blog. As is her tradition for each “1,000th commenter,” she requested an interview. I am excited and very honored by her request, and am sharing the link to that interview below:

Here is a little bit more about this wonderful lady, and a link to Liv2Write2day, her blog's main page:

About Victoria C. Slotto
RN, former hospice nurse, kidney transplant survivor, spiritual seeker—Victoria C. Slotto lives and writes in Reno, Nevada with her husband, David, and two dogs. Victoria writes fiction, poetry and an occasional article.


  1. That is truly a neat idea, I may have to do something with that one of these times, never even paid much attention to my comment total.

  2. Thanks, Ginny. Sorry I'm just getting to these...I am so behind on things. You are, indeed, a special lady.


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