Monday, December 5, 2011

Speaking in Poetry…

Would that my thoughts were adjectives,
my language, fluent “poetry"--
with perfect format every time
so all would be impressed by me.

I struggle though, to find the words
to speak concepts with clarity …
but know deep in my soul of souls
that you alone inspire me.

©  Ginny Brannan December 2011

Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #21 12/06/11  
*Sharing at BlueBell Books Thursday Short Story Slam 12/08/11  


  1. smiles. i think the perfect poem is yet to be written...form, drives me crazy, i settle for whatever will bleed from my pen...and you inspire as well...smiles.

  2. This is lovely, Ginny. We aren't and never will be perfect, but we write from the depths of who we are and that's all that counts. I'd love to have you join my prompt tomorrow where the prompt is to write from that part of ourselves that is anything but perfect!

  3. mmmm..Ginny, I know these feelings and I am glad that you have inspiration no matter how the words come out (which imo, or always lovely)

  4. Ginny,
    I think you say it perfectly: how difficult it is to make words do to describe the basis of inspiration. I love the brevity of this and how you manage to condense such broad ideas into a few evocative words.

  5. Thanks so much to all of you--Brian, Victoria, Sheila, ayala, & Steve--for your kind comments. I read somewhere that it's considered either cliché or tacky to write poetry about "poetry." I don't know about that, I just writes 'em as they come to me!!

  6. I know just what you mean, Ginny. Well said piece about something we all feel.

  7. I know the feeling stated it perfectly!

  8. I can relate,
    what a themed writing.


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