Monday, November 7, 2011

Edward Remembered

Calverton National Cemetary, Long Island, NY

He sleeps among the rows of stone
where grass grows thick, and flags are flown;
can hear the rustle of the leaves
as sweet salt air blows through the trees.

Remembered for each kindness shown,
he sleeps among the rows of stone.
Quietness and slight of stature,
camouflaged unselfish nature.

A navy man who did his tour,
he screamed the nightmares of that war.
He sleeps among the rows of stone
the horrors lived remain unknown.

Childhood sweetheart, wartime bride
now lies resting by his side.
Mated in life, in death atone;
he sleeps among the rows of stone.

©  Ginny Brannan November 2011
*In loving memory of my dear father-in-law, Edward Brannan, and his loving wife Elizabeth of almost 50 years.

Image provided:Magpie Tales

Written for and shared at Magpie Tales #90: they provide the photo (bottom) we provide the story.
Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #19 11/10/11  
*using word 'atone' as 'to be reconciled.' According to dictionary, it is considered archaic or obsolete in this usage, but I thought it worked with the feel of the poem, so I used it anyway.

Edward Remembered... by gbrannan


  1. Such a beautiful piece....I think the word atone fits perfectly...

  2. hi, i really enjoyed your poem and also thought atone worked very well!! kay

  3. really is a beautiful piece...sad in all those rows but you do him proud...

  4. That's a beautiful tribute Ginny. The repetition of lines really adds emphasis and depth, and I think atone works well as you have used it here.

  5. ~ he sleeps among the rows of stone ..... for me a comforting thought.

  6. a fine tribute to the Fallen (mine also uses a war graves photo)

  7. Beautiful and fitting tribute to those taken by war...

  8. A brave man, a good man. Just lovely use of repetition and rhyme. I love your work.

  9. Fine writing. Poignant, beautful words.

  10. I'm am so enjoying your blog. A wonderfully elegant tribute to Edward... he must be smiling. You've captured the emotions one feels as if in the cemetery and past it along to your reader. Nice job... and those photos are a cherry on the top of your writing

  11. was nice to spin through again...dont think i saw the recording the last time so was nice to savor that bit...

  12. Wow, I wasn't expecting this:

    "Childhood sweetheart, wartime bride
    now lies resting by his side"

  13. A brave man surrounded by his loved one in life, as well as in death. Nice tribute and good use of repetition line: He sleeps among the rows of stone ~

  14. Moving tribute! I have a love for cemeteries. Must be the writer in me that sees the stones and thinks of all the stories that can be told.
    "He sleeps among the rows of stones" ...really like how you repeated this throughout...gave a rhythm that was dignified (as strange as that may sound)
    Stopping by from dVerse Pub

  15. I know I commented before, but I adore your rhyme and flow. I need to work on that as I do really like it. It seems to come so naturally to you.

  16. this was a fine and sensitive write ginny...great flow as well...and a beautiful tribute

  17. Dear Ginny

    Sleeps among the rows of stone.. musical as well as emotional.. I enjoyed it. Lovely.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay


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