Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Quiet Season

Between autumn and first snowfall
the quiet season,
as last lingering  yellow leaves
cling to skeletal branches;
fallen tree-mates litter
yards, skip noisily
across pavement.

Unmown lawns shimmer
with morning frost, crunching
underfoot. Shorts and
tees trade places with jeans
sweaters; once sandaled feet
seek warmth in thick socks
and leather boots.

Stacked cordwood awaits fireplaces
and cast-iron stoves. Pungent smoke
from burning leaves permeates the
air. Hot mulled cider and
donuts greet visitors to local farm
stands; smells of cinnamon
and cloves mingle with apples,
butternut squash and pumpkins.

Hunters once again take up arms;
bearded, booted…hiking familiar
trails, continuing ancient ritual --
thinning herds to preserve remainder
from imminent starvation.

Friday nights and Saturday afternoons
find fans at local football fields.
Spectators huddle on bleachers
bundled under blankets,
cheering favorite teams.

In waning light, we chat
across hedge separating
yards, breath rises with
each word. We linger,
knowing soon cold and
snow will hinder our 
daily exchanges.

I love this special season when
all things slow, preparing for
renewal in winter’s embrace.

©  Ginny Brannan November 2011
Shared at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link #17 hosted by Natasha Head 
Photo, G.Brannan, 2009

Photos: leaves &
pumpkins: authors personal collection


  1. lovely poem...wonderful grasp of this time of year... great choice of words

  2. nice i love this season as well and you really bring it to life from various aspects within your verse...the neighbors, ah that would be nice...i guess our real ones are a few doors down...

    and then today it is 70 here...can you believe that...

  3. I have smelled, heard and tasted this write! Fantastic piece, waking up all senses. Wonderful, Ginny!

  4. loveeee your use of imagery! i just wrote one that has hunting in it lol :) will post it tomorrow.

    truly enjoyed this read. im following!

  5. Autumn glows from this lovely poem.
    So many images hard to pick just one :)
    Okay I'll settle for this one...
    "In waning light, we chat
    across hedge separating
    yards, breath rises with
    each word. We linger,"

  6. Wow you really captured the season, so vividly. Today it was almost like summer here though, I guess mother nature is mixed up or something..haha

  7. I love how you capture the season...In waning light, we chat
    across hedge separating
    yards, breath rises with
    each word. We linger,
    knowing soon cold and
    snow will hinder our
    daily exchanges.....
    simply lovely!

  8. Very nice piece here. I too love it when things slow down, there is a certain element in the air, nondescript yet it's everywhere- transition period is what I usually say, and as we move from the warmth of summer to the frost of winter, there is a magical space in between. Thanks for sharing this piece, you really covered a lot of illustration here, and I appreciate that so much. Thanks:)

  9. There is nothing quite so splendorous and so varied as the sights and scents of autumn, and you do them sweet justice here, in your colorful capture.

  10. Oh how I miss all that. Here in the south I'll have to make do with the pleasure of not sweating.

  11. There are so many things in autumn, and "I must be there." Thank you for reminding me of all the different faces she has.

  12. Lovely autumn scenes you painted here..slowing down to chat .... just before winter approaching.

    Thanks for sharing this ~

  13. Oh Yes I love this transition too.. and I liked your verse about the same... so soft and subdued with lot of beautiful imagery thrown in...
    thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  14. ..very fascinating imagery and a piece at its best... a tender to read and bring me a thousand ways to smile.

    Good day!


  15. I love the images of Autumn transitioning to Winter. Autumn has always been my favorite time. I love that picture....is that your photograph?

  16. you captured her beautifully...a season of so much warmth in the cold...love all the smells you've woven in...love it when i can smell a poem...and i can..

  17. Ginny, you have captured the time between autumn and the first snowfall so well. I found myself odding. It is not that I mind autumn, even don't mind the first snowfall, but this transition prepares us for what is ahead, when we no longer can chat with our neighbors as no one lingers outdoors any more until spring. This is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed it greatly. And thanks to your visit to mine.

  18. You have painted an absolutely perfect picture of this time of the year, Ginny. Crisp, sensory images just immersed me in autumn.

  19. You paint a fine picture of the seasonal change far from the grime and poverty of the crowded city. And you engage more senses than just the eye. Very nice!

  20. Ginny, I just love this poem, it evokes for me the comforts and joys that arrive with the change in season. Of course, in the South we never know what exactly to expect upon Fall's arrival, but look forward to it just the same. Wonderful poem!

  21. Ginny, I'm glad you enjoy my blog "Memento Mori".
    I really enjoy yours as well and find you a kindred spirit. Even though I go by "Seek the Sun" for personal reasons, we share the same first name. There aren't too many of us "Virginia's" around. I also spent a lot of my childhood in New England and really love it when I can visit. Thanks for following my blog.

  22. We share the love of autumn and you've covered it perfectly. I most particularly enjoyed the words rolling off you tongue!

  23. Beautifully put Ginny. I love this season too.


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