Monday, May 30, 2011

Against the Night (Ottava Rima)

We send our soldiers off to foreign land,
to fight for rights for those who are oppressed,
while other countries watch us make a stand
and call us names, and say we are "obsessed.”
So quick are they to burn us with this 'brand.'
Do they forget the freedoms we’ve addressed?
We each are born with basic human rights--
they’d rather judge, with vicious words indict.

I’ve read our “nose is where it don’t belong;”
we’re “tracking ghosts” that really don’t exist.
But who can say who’s right or who is wrong,
or if  we’re chasing shadows in the mist?
They tell us we should try to get along,
while evil waits to strike with angry fist.
I'm glad our soldiers guard against the night
protecting me,  and all who cannot fight.

© Copyright Ginny Brannan Memorial Day, May 2011


Ottava Rima is an 8 line poem, Rhyme scheme a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c, 10 to 11 syllables per line, usually iambic pentameter. 


  1. Excellent -both in content,in celebration and in structure, rhythm and rhyme. Thank you so much!

  2. War has been a reality since the beginning of time... that won't change until we get to Heaven. Nice write...

  3. Yours is a topical and touchy subject, while I do not agree with war-mongering, I am filled with admiration at the patriotic fervour with which men fight to guard a way of life, and poems such as this are written.

  4. This is a beautiful, well-executed poem and I would just say, "Amen."

  5. My thanks to all of you for taking a moment to read and leave a comment. I really enjoyed trying this new format that I had not tried before, and wrote of a subject that was on my mind on our Memorial Day holiday.
    Kerry, especially enjoyed reading your comment, as you clearly do not agree with my subject, but found a rather nice way around it to say so. I know it is topical and touchy and I wrote it because it is 'current.' I have heard our country and people described as "warmongers", which is a generalization and a pejorative term--precisely the "brand" I was writing about. I am not immune to reading and hearing what those in other countries think and say. Thanks again to all for taking a moment to read this and respond, I respect your thoughts and opinions. :-)

  6. I'm impressed! I've never tried that form before. Seems rather difficult, and you've done a great job with it. Nice poem for Memorial Day.

  7. Nice job on the form and message. Touchy subject but well I have to at least say not everyone thinks we are pushy some stand with us. Then I think we would be kidding ourselves if we didn't admit we have other reasons too. :)

  8. Amen to the message and wow... this is your first Ottava Rima? Wonderful!



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