Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the band played on....

The music played on, our food is gone--
she’s hardly touched a bite.
With our attention gleaned on a different scene,
something just isn’t right...

As we turn to watch what’s taking place,
I see her enrapt by young server’s face.
Oh, would it only be that she
might shower that same look on me!

©Copyright Ginny Brannan May 2011

Photo Courtesy Magpie Tales: Banquet Scene with a Lute Player by Nicolas Tournier, 1625


  1. That was fun! Great take on the painting. When I first saw this prompt, I didn't like it. But once again, I'm proven wrong! Gotta love how the "Magpie Tales" stretches us... well, at least me it does.

  2. Yes, it was fun! Thanks, Ginny.

  3. Ooh, unrequited love for someone who's interested in someone else! I like your take.

  4. Wonderful, full-sense-of-longing work.


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