Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weighted Down

The knots are tied the ropes are bound,
and I am tethered to the ground.
The sky is clear and day is fair,
I should be soaring through the air.

No simple explanation found,
the knots are tied the ropes are bound.
What keeps me from my lofty goal
and burdens me down to my soul?

I’m waiting for the weights to fall--
just want  to rise above it all…
the knots are tied, the ropes are bound,
and I’m still anchored to this mound.

Won’t someone come and set me free
to be that which I’m meant to be?
Too long now I have been aground;
the knots are tied the ropes are bound.

© Copyright Ginny Brannan May 19, 2011

Image prompt courtesy of Thursday Short Story SlamPhoto by: Melissa R. Bickel


  1. you make the hot air balloon ride very exciting here,
    love your contribution.

    Happy Thursday.

  2. Interesting poetry form ! I noticed that the refrain is positioned differently in each stanza ... very effective in re-inforcing the idea of being heavy & burdened !

  3. I'm really liking the quatern form. It moves the poem along nicely.

  4. oh, i felt this one. no, the explanations for our weights are not always simple, but perhaps we can learn to fly (or at least cut the ropes) sooner than later :)

  5. Lovely style, great use of repetition, great take on the prompt

  6. Hi Ginny, I loved the form you have chosen here, and you have written the tale quite nicely. I wrote a 55 fiction for the same image :)

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    Thanks for liking my poetry!

  7. hi ginny,my first time here..
    i really liked your poem:))
    enjoyed it:)
    thanks for sharing

  8. love this and relate to this poem...many a time i found myself chained down like this but sometimes one must play wizard !

  9. Thought-provoking take on the prompt. I really enjoyed the easy flow of the meter and rhyme as well as the effective use of repetition.

  10. beautiful, you rocked on it.

    bless your weekend.

  11. What a great little poem - inspired, not by the balloons, but by the state they are in - desire - desire for what they were meant to be, and only ropes stop them. I loved this. Nice work!

  12. The repetition of that one line really made the poem, added a sense of weightedness to it. Enjoyed it!

  13. Hi Ginny, great poem! I loved the form! I am partial to poetry that repeats a line or the same words through out. Used well, this technique draws all the verse together nicely and really brings home the meaning of the piece. And you have certainly used it well! Loved this poem.


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