Wednesday, May 1, 2019

True Lies

A world spinning backwards, who would’ve thought…
aggrandizing leader whose policies have brought
a shift to this country,  with promises grand…
while he does what he does with his head in the sand.
His defenders, they say “What a great Christian leader!”
while ignoring the porn star that proved he’s a cheater.
All the rats jumping ship to distance themselves
from the guilt just keeps building the further they delve.
A train wreck’s a coming, there’s blood on the tracks,
the avalanche is growing, there’s no turning back;
the web you have woven is falling apart,
but with all that is wrong, where do we start?
Not everyone’s lying, if I have to choose
I believe both the Post and the Times with their news.
It’s amazing to see how the country’s divided,
and how you promote this with lies and with chiding.
And your base just stands by, as Republicans waffle,
walking their tightrope ‘tween crude and unlawful
We cannot deny that this country is hurting
the lack of true leadership’s quite disconcerting.
Where will you stand when the smoke finally clears,
when the guilty are named or have lost their careers?
Can we find our way back through the anger and shame
as we try not to cringe at the sound of your name?
How long will it take the good guys to ride in;
less talk and more action, where to begin?

© Ginny Brannan  2019

Written in 2018, still current. Sharing 2019. Because "change" is slow to happen.

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  1. Unfortunately you were/are absolutely correct. It doesn’t matter what the man does, his followers will dance with him as he drags all of us over the edge.


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