Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Finding Grace

We dwell in a place between there and here
between then and now
between now and when…
a limbo of circumstance
designed by fate to strip away faith.
The minutes tick by,
stripping away slices of us
bit by bit, piece by piece.
No one is exempt from the hands of time;
it is an ever-constant reminder
that all things hinge on us:
on who we are, on our willingness
to change, to grow past our pain
to grow past sad endings
to believe in new beginnings
to believe that there has to be more.
And somewhere in this equation we realize
that we, each of us, are a part
of someone else’s puzzle

Grace emanates from the depths of our own exhaustion,
in the willingness to reach out
and lift the weight of another
even as we struggle with our own.
We draw our strength from each other,
and somehow, through this, we go on.

© Ginny Brannan 2019

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