Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Repainted: 2014 Boston Marathon Finish line.

The colors of the day were blue and yellow—
like golden sun adrift in azure sky;
and those along the route could hear the ‘thunder’
as 35,000 tempoed feet clocked by.

The crowd held sway observing all the runners;
an audience a half a million strong—
till day morphed into night-mare unexpected
when shrapnel-filled explosives ripped the throng.

The color of the day turned red and running,
scarlet dripping on a field of gray—
with unsung heroes bounding to the rescue
—yellow shirts and white hat led the way.

It’s been a year since chaos tore the city
with imagery to last a lifetime long—
like phoenix, runners rise up from the ashes
reminding us to all be “Boston Strong”

© Ginny Brannan March 2014

2013 Image. Rescuing injured after bombs exploded.

 3/25/14 News Boston shared that the marathon finish line had just been repainted in preparation for the 118th marathon to be held on April 21st.  


  1. i remember that day...and trying to explain it to one of my SPED kids...those that are returning that were injured...that gets me...good on them...

  2. Great to hear this great community event goes on despite those who would spoil it!


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