Sunday, March 23, 2014

Afternoon Repose

Image: Heather Grace Stewart

While others may prefer room’s core—
encircled chairs set  ‘round the fire,
enrapt in conversations' flow;
I pursue my own desire…

I single out the corner seat,
—as outlaws once chose carefully,
to watch the door instinctively—
then choose a book, no dust disturbed
and disappear inside each word.

© Ginny Brannan 2014

Coming in late, story of my life! This is inspired by a post shared by my friend Joe at A Thing for Words. Found that it was prompted by Heather Grace Stewart for Take Ten Thursday, and this image she shared. Loved the image, hope they don't mind me sharing my "take!"


  1. ha. you would probably find me over at the bookshelf as well....perusing the titles of someones shelves def tells you so much about them...and i love to read...wondering why you might be watching that door though ginny...what have you done? hahahaha. happy sunday.

    1. Indeed Brian, wouldn't you like to know… ;-)
      But seriously, one of the little idiosyncrasies I I have, I always prefer to sit facing the door, especially when we go out to restaurants and such. I tell everyone it's a throwback from my former life as an 'outlaw'--they were known to sit with their backs to the wall so they could observe anyone coming for them!

  2. Hi Ginny,
    This is perfectly composed--the lines and verses are seamless, and you small narrative is wonderfully complete. Very nice (and elegant) writing.
    Steve K.


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