Friday, March 14, 2014

A Sense of Season

Ice tap-dances on the pane,
crackling like cellophane;
the furnace fires from the cold,
as fickle season loses hold.
Deep inside these shadowed walls,
I patiently await the calls
of robins feeding on the lawn—
the cardinal’s “chip,” the finch’s song;
to feel warm breeze caress my skin,
the heated kiss of sun again.
Restricted yes, but not confined…
I view it all inside my mind.

© Ginny Brannan 2014

Sharing with Brian today at d'Verse Poets Meeting the Bar: The Blind Poet Come by and see what others are sharing!!

FYI: Tried to write this from a "sound and touch point" of view, rather than "sight." These are the sounds at my house this past week, sleet crackling against the the window pane, the furnace rumbling as it fires on more frequently as outdoor temps dip cold again. But also noticing more birdsong of late, a sure promise of Spring and warmer season to come!


  1. ah i wait for the same...and can imagine in my mind...that sun kiss and song...come on the sounds and how you use some loose alliteration to pull this on from the beginning ginny...

  2. ah nice... the yearning for spring... over here it started already... biked to work and on the way back stopped by the stream, sat on a bench in the felt like a holiday...

  3. I really wait for the same things.. tonight we are due for a relapse into snow and cold... but for a few days I imagined spring was here...

  4. Nice write from a fellow bird lover..

  5. I hear you on the waiting and waiting ~ Liking that heated kiss from the sun again ~

    Happy weekend ~

  6. hi from autumn we are just getting first rain

  7. Excellent! I understand perfectly viewing such scenes within one's mind...I am waiting for those robins to arrive, but fear it will be a while yet!! Sigh.

  8. you caught my feelings on the weather perfectly.. visuals in my mind but not out of the window... :)

  9. Ginny, I wonder if our fickle season will ever loose it's hold. You've captured the sensations of the season here so well. The poem displays your constant gift of being able to communicate richly with few words. Very nice job.
    Steve K.

  10. Lovely. I enjoyed all the sounds of Spring and the rhymes in your poem. Nice contrasting picture, too. I'm yearning for Spring as we're expecting yet another snow storm. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  11. Hmm..smiles.. such a nice acceptance of what is. Love the heated kiss of sun. You gave us a nice experience here of being in your house, and I love the rhyme and meaning at the end... smiles. Very nice.



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