Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blame it on the Groundhog

Sharing at dVerse Open Link Night Week #133. A wee rhyme, just for fun.
And yes, it is snowing here…again!!!

Soft snowflakes land upon pane
and blanket pristine white again,
we watch the lovely crystals fall—
a magic world transformed for all.

They seem to fall in endless chain,
upon the fence and weathervane…
the ice is damming on the eaves;
our roads are riddled with frost heaves.

The winter snow just doesn’t wane:
black ice and potholes mar terrain.
The fender-benders block the street,
as sand and salt supplies deplete.

This weather’s driving me insane,
can feel a pulsing in my brain—
as once more I don boot and hat
and curse that giant rodent rat.

Another snowfall...oh, the pain
in my back and shoulder reign!
The winter white has lost its thrill,
am gunning for that groundhog Phil!

© Ginny Brannan February 2014


  1. Beautiful poem, even though it nearly made me freeze while reading it, and I'm in sunny Florida where it's almost 80 degrees. haha.

  2. oh, nice imagery... So good, I got frustrated bcus I'm snowed in from the snow storm that hit lastnite -_____-. poor us. hahha

  3. hahahaha no!!!! no more snow!
    if i have to blame the groundhog i will
    i am so looking forward to thursday
    and 60s here.....

  4. Ha.. and no snow at all ... I saw the first snow-drops which is about one month early.. great rhymes and rhythm and.. yes blame it all on Phil

  5. haha... oh i can imagine how sick you must be of the snow... you had quite a lot of it this winter...don't hurt that poor groundhog though..smiles

  6. I'll blame the groundhog.. as I wonder where to pile the latest snowfall.. I am with you on the aching body parts....:)

  7. Lovely Jinny! Pure delight in your rhyme and most certainly agree that this winter has been long and sooooo cold! Take good care and stay warm!
    Spring is almost here -- really! -joanie

  8. We've really had it easy over here on the West Coast so I feel so bad for everyone else. Lovely rhythm in this. Hang in there, Ginny!

  9. Ginny, I definitely could have written this same poem. We are 20 inches above normal this year as far as snowfall; and, I hear you about the "insanity." I hope that it soon will 'wane.'

  10. Ha! Watch out Punxsutawney Phil! Enjoyed this Ginny. Stay warm if you can and be safe!

  11. Great job. My groundhog, Jill, did not see her shadow.

  12. Love your winter verses ~ I too was just shoveling this afternoon and I only hope I don't get the aches tomorrow ~ Take care ~

  13. Hahaha! Perfectly put! I couldn't agree more.

  14. I'm starting to feel a bit guilty reading all this poetry about snow as I enjoy 80+ degree weather. I always enjoy your skill in writing form poetry.

  15. Show the cat the way
    Phill will have a bad day
    Never again will he show
    Search high and low
    But you won't find the chap
    As he'll be eaten and turned to crap lol

  16. Funny that - it has been quite a winter - we even had one in Dallas - weeks of cold, unheard of. I love your sense of humor here. Keep your boots on and watch your footing. It won't be long now until we're forced inside by the heat here and you can enjoy a balmy summer.

  17. I had a merry romp through the snow, so many experience snow falls and snow flakes, us in summer can only imagine, even in winter it's a 2 hour drive from me to see snow, a nice winters tale.

  18. Brrr. Posted a poem on my blog to make you feel better about snow - if that's possible this winter.

  19. Very cute tongue and cheek on this long, snowy winter. I'm in MN, so I can so relate to being sick of it. I guess were getting yet another snow storm on Thursday. UUGGHH :-0

  20. Ha!ha!That groundhog better hide;-)Loved the rhythm -beautiful imagery too,Ginny :D

  21. Oh I just love this! I happen to be a die-hard snow lover, but can totally accept that it's not for everyone. I'm a Swedish immigrant, so it comes naturally I guess.
    Love your blog visually as well. Will definitely keep me coming back.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014
    @TinaLifeisGood , #atozchallenge

  22. I haven't got past the crystals and magic. I love the photo.

  23. Phil has it coming! Ha. The rhythm you give winter, you will convince everyone to keep it. (ours just got all washed away - but it stuck here for almost a week)

  24. Sigh..I hope the weather lets up. Sorry it's been such a rough winter. Love the poem.


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