Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Blues

Image: Andrew Wyeth, The Mill, 1964

Incessant cold takes hold again…
observing world through frosted glass,
while opaque cloak obscures the grass.

The snow falls silent on the pane—
another day turns dark and gray;
delight has faded to disdain.

This frigid season slow to pass,
as winter tightens hold again.

© Ginny Brannan 2014

Sharing at dVerse Poets Open Link Night #131.

Written for The Mag #204 Image provided by Tess Kincaid.
Coincidentally I follow a site called Writers Write, and this was their prompt of the day:


  1. there comes a point when snow and cold lose their cuteness, you know...and spring just needs to come on...ha

  2. I sometimes think I would like two weeks of cold and snow in the middle of summer. It's hot where I am.

  3. Haha - Had to chuckle at Brian's comment. He was still defending the snow when he came upon my post.

    I really enjoyed this one!


  4. Snow surprise I enjoyed this, Ginny, you never fail to please and delight! It was supposed to snow for the first time this winter here today, but he's still waiting in the wings for some reason!

  5. Again with Polar Vortex's little brother...but I am loving it...

  6. ah you had lots of snow already this winter.... we only in the mountains.. will be cool to see spring anyway...

  7. You managed three prompts with one wonderful write. I know so many are over these one-after-the other snowstorms. May spring be even more spectacular...when it finally comes.

  8. I love the octain and this is so well written. It flows like the falling snow!

  9. Small, sharp, stunning! Bracing like a winter wind.

  10. Good morning, Ginny
    The verse reflects the Wyeth image so perfectly...You have such a mastery of these vignettes. Eight lines and you've captured so much of the essence of the natural winter world. Great composition.
    Steve K.

  11. Altho, I'm a fan of Winter, this poem is nicely done :) xo ~jackie~

  12. Wonderful rhythm and meter... and such a nice comment to the picture...

  13. I think you captured the winter blues from the window pane..another cold snowy day here.


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