Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are We There Yet?

Sharing at dVerse Meeting the Bar: Bedtime Stories, tall tales, and the art of story telling.  This is my short story about telling a short story. Sounds a bit redundant, but here goes:

Short stories are difficult for me to write
because I’m nothing if not “wordy;” 
give me the specific line count
and structure of a poem any day!
My tales are spun with
inflection and punctuation,
descriptives and clichés,
and yes, way too many words.
There are times I’ve been told
—especially by family—
to just: “Get to the point, already!”
But life is not a straight line:
it is filled with noises and color,
and excitement and sometimes great sadness;
and for me the story itself
is half the fun of “getting there.”
So if you ask me to share a story,
be prepared listen,
because stories should be
shared with expression,
and not “spit out” in short bursts…

   life should not be stifled!

© Ginny Brannan 2014

Most of my poetry has a story to tell. In case "Are We There Yet?" does not quite "Meet the Bar,"am linking this older, very brief one inspired by one of the elderly ladies at the Skilled Nursing Facility where I work. This is about "Anna Marie." (So many stories all around us, so little time!) Happy story-telling, everyone!


  1. i hear you...when i really get going it is hard for me to cut it down and not give all the detail and build the story how i see fit...letting the point come when it

    get to the point..i have been guilty of saying that though...esp if someone is hemming and hawing...

  2. I so love a good and long story with a lot of embellishments ~ For me, I am a good listener rather than a weaver of words ~ Good to see you Ginny ~

  3. I am the listener. When I tell a story my audience usually ends up asking questions because I don't give enough detail. I like to write them, but telling them is tough. But those who can tell a good story.. I love to hear them!

  4. I admire those who can tell a good story. I am with restraintunfettered, mostly a listener to stories. I always had a hard time having total attention on me. LOL. I do think stories should be shared with expression, as you said, rather than shared with short bursts...but (ha) mine was a burst today.. Sigh. I liked your honesty in this piece.

  5. a raconteur needs enough words for sure!

  6. smiles...yes... stories need their words to come alive... But life is not a straight line:
    it is filled with noises and color... so very true...

  7. But life is not a straight line:- Excellent line, full of colour and really brings this to life. Nothing is as it seems and words help explain where it all fits. Nicely done

  8. Life should not be stifled indeed. I love a good story.
    Anna :o]

  9. So true life is not a straight line...this is perfect.

  10. I agree. Stories need texture and fabric. They need the scene to be properly set :)

  11. Sounds like you are a writer after my own heart. I relate to this one!



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