Sunday, August 4, 2013

Road to Perdition

On winding path of dirt and stone
where phantom memories abound,
we face our enemies alone.

While passing through this vast unknown,
odd echoes from the past resound
upon this path of dirt and stone.

We wear these shells of flesh and bone
and though our allies rally 'round,
we face our enemies alone.

And for each sin that we atone
we take a step toward higher ground,
along this path of dirt and stone.

We struggle, but we can’t postpone
abysmal pools where dreams have drowned
while facing enemies alone…

and so we gather what is sown
and hold tight to the truths we’ve found;
on winding path of dirt and stone,
we face our enemies alone.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night Week #108


  1. nice...great capture of the journey of life....lots of truth in this...we do have to face those enemies alone, though hopefully along the journey we meet some pretty cool people...

    and maybe even get to share space in a book with them...smiles.

    1. Its not what we face, but how we face it. Thanks, my friend! Right back atcha!

  2. Lovely work on the form Ginny ~ That last stanza weaved it beautifully for me ~

  3. love the form, the rhymes and repetition of lines and words - very effective, I think especially for the theme here

  4. yes, in the deep dark of night, we must always face our enemies alone. the rhyme and the form are just fabulous here!

  5. Ginny, Fine use of the form, with great resolution...strong and powerful,ideas. Nice job. No need to visit back this week--nothing new for me.

  6. Ginny, an extremely well written villanelle. Beautifully composed and intricately worked. This form usually is a more willing vehicle for aesthetic poems, but you take it into deeper and more experienced philosophical concerns and produce both a dazzling and deep form-based poem. Kudos!!

  7. What a beautiful poem, not an easy form, but you make it look simple, Ginny. It flows perfectly.


  8. Villanelle's done well SHOULD sing. And this one does. :)

  9. Ginny, this is so powerful...and wonderful job on a challenging form!


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