Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beside the Falls

Wash away past indiscretions
all the unknowns that I fear;
take away elapsed transgressions
elevating all that’s dear.
Rain your waters down this mountain
fanning spray o’er rock-strewn ledge—
allay the demons with your thunder
lest they harbor near your edge.
Leave me cleansing in your shadows
sloughing off the silt you dredge.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

Image taken by author at Thundering Falls, Killington,VT 8/7/13.

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  1. very nice, Ginny...glad there was water going over the falls that day.

  2. oh wow - what a cool acrostic - love the soothing and cleansing power of water - for the body and the soul - much needed refreshment at times...beautifully penned ginny

    1. Thanks Claudia. I had the first four lines in my head as I was waking up this morning. One of the rare times when a piece practically writes itself.

  3. I like metaphor of washing away past indiscretions and fears ~

    and I love your picture reading our book ~ Do send it to the pub ~ Smiles ~

  4. It is a therapeutic piece, effervescing, elixir for the soul.

    I like the texture of your piece and nature's pictures it draws.

    Nicely done.


  5. nice...did not realize it was an acrostic on first read....def enjoy time at the river...what i find interesting is that last line...that the dirt on you is the silt it dredges...

  6. well done. tight yet free flowing, great sound and it moves just like its subject, pulling you along

  7. living water here
    after I just wrote about thirst
    well done

  8. Likey very much. Great prayer for salvation.

  9. sneaky little acrostic - it's so smooth I had no idea until it was mentioned above! The second line is SO true... we fear the unknown - so silly of us.

  10. This is beautifully penned and almost prayerful to me. Sometimes we need a waterfall to wash away all of OUR silt.

  11. So cleansing . . . in love with that last line.

  12. Oh my, this is stunning. Sometimes, I read something that I know I should hold close to help guide my life. This is one of those poems. This is a wonderful example of an acrostic. I love how it is nearly invisible so much more than those who make the first letter more important than the message of the line.

  13. sloughing off the silt you dredge!!!

    such a smashing final line Ginny.

    I really do believe that we should hit 'em with the perfect parting and leave 'em wanting more and you definitely do that here, its a scorcher!

    and your poem is a wonderful juxtaposition in contrast with my own and in some ways a welcome relief :)

    cheers Ginny

  14. I love washing away the past indiscretions :) wonderful poem, Ginny. I love it.


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