Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer of ‘74

One sultry summer long ago —
fresh from high school graduation,
flying high with youth’s elation…

we cruised your sweet, turquoise ‘n white
refurbished ’56 Bel Air,
two naïve kids without a care.

Ever fast, the decades pass,
our paths had split by season’s end…
What became of you, my friend?

Sometimes I’m still reminded of
that heartbeat in infinity...
I hope you still remember me.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

Written for The Mag #179
Image provided by Tess Kincaid. She provides the image, we the story!
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  1. smiles...those good memories are def to cherish...i remember discovering bands in the car with my cousin and our friend charlie just driving who knows where and not knowing til we got there...

  2. We never forget our first love, do we?

    1. Never the first, for sure. Or second as case may be. Hard to forget those whom we've given a piece of our hearts to!

  3. Ah happy days:) I love your poem.
    My boyfriend had one of these very cars (Ford Anglia)in the summer of '68 I sometimes wonder about him too.

  4. For me it was the Summer of '59 ... imagine we all have the precious memories you have written about (quite beautifully.)

  5. For me, it was the summer of '81 - driving around and looking for nonexistent girls. A 1975 Datsun b210 is hardly a chick magnet. Still Facebook friends with my compadres, but we've been scattered to the disparate corners of California.

    This was a dreamy fun poem.

  6. Summer love and first loves mesh together nicely.

  7. I wonder at times if some of the people in my past remember me....great piece!

  8. Simply delightful! By the way, even though I am a '57 model myself, I like the styling of the '56 better.

  9. Happens to all of us, sometimes with sadness and regret, sometimes with heartfelt relief.

  10. Love the nostalgia here, which fits so perfectly with the image.
    I am going to my hubby's high school reunion with him this month..his 45th.
    Your timing couldn't be better.


  11. Bittersweet memories...lovely write as always Ginny...


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