Monday, July 29, 2013

Planetary Variants

In artificial atmosphere
we live and breathe for weeks on end;
outside, known landscape disappears
while strange mirages now ascend.

As other-worldly temps oppress
and solar furnace sears this world,
we function under great duress—
await more changes to unfurl.

Then storms roll in with violent wind,
with hail and lightning all around;
the blistered soil cannot defend —
flash floods spill this cracked, dry ground.

It’s fast become quite evident
with each predictive forecast,
that global change is imminent…
this Earth we knew has been recast.

We pray reprieve is coming soon,
that band-aid changes somehow stave
this broken ship from certain ruin…

—while stuck inside, machine-enslaved.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #107

Coming off almost six weeks of oppressive heat. Part of June, most of July wasted inside, impossible to enjoy outdoor activities for more than a few minutes at a time, as sweat pours down foreheads and backs and instantly soaks anyone who tries. We are used to many seasonal variants here in the northeast, but this has been an exceptionally hot summer so far. The past five days or so, we've finally have a reprieve!


  1. Oh Ginny what a very timely observation. Your rhyme and meter are spot on, and phrasing very good. But most important is your message! We need to wake up and smell the (hot) coffee.

  2. oh, i hear you....its been a weird summer...either smoking how or pounding rain...sometimes on the same day, precipitating flash floods...perhaps it is for the best and will force us to change....though hopefully we dont slip further into the machine, you know...smiles.

  3. "other worldly temps oppress"

    i really liek that.

    since i'm a sci fi person, i was "seeing" other world temps oppress our solar furnace. i get that's not what you were saying, but i always see things and i liked it. that's sooooo si fi.

    Fancy HOV Ridin’

    1. Actually was going for that "walking on Mars" kind of vibe--stark, dry, solar winds, violent storms and all. This never-ending heat wave surely was out of the norm for me!

  4. Ginny, there definitely is something different this year.....and was something different last year. It seems that one cannot predict the future by the past any more.

  5. oh heck...sometimes i wonder where this all is paint a dark picture and the climate on our planet has changed quite a bit - we had a heat wave over here, followed by some really heavy storms...

  6. It's so sad to me that some dream of living in space when all they have to do is save paradise.

  7. We indeed are burying our heads in 'blistered soil' in respect to climate change - powerful and thought provoking write.

  8. You again show such mastery of form, rhyme, rhythm, all supporting your smart, timely observations. Nice job, Ginny.


  9. This piece invites pause for thought and reflection....climatic variations are alarming and I can see nothing but 'band-aid' solutions, and those erratically applied. I also know what it is to live in AC for months at a time.. like a bubble. You have caught that well.


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