Sunday, December 2, 2012


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Climbing high into night
uncounted squadrons take to flight;
I hear them call—their echoes cry
out to the darkened autumn sky.

Like mariners who sailed afar,
they navigate by moon and star;
and drawn by some internal force,
they trust their lead to stay the course.

Soaring southward by the score,
a thousand fliers--maybe more…
the frost-filled air urges them on,
one final cry… and then they’re gone.

What wondrous prompt propels them “Go!”
before the coming of the snow?

© Ginny Brannan December 2012

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  1. Oh Ginny, what a perfectly descriptive sonnet. It's quintessential autumn. This year I don't remember seeing the scores of geese heading south. Not sure if I should be blaming global warming, or my own distracted life. I'm glad I didn't miss your poem though! And, I just started following you - how did that happen? I was sure I already did.

  2. Beautiful write, Ginny. The sounds and sights--even in the night--came through vividly!

  3. smiles...they know what we dont...the rhythm of life....its funny over thanksgiving we had 1000s of starlings descend for a bit in their blacked the sky in their dance and they lit on the trees and took a break....really nicely done ma'am...smiles.

  4. Its a beautiful sight ~ I have seen them too in my part of thw world and I always wonder how they know when and where to go ~

    Have a great week ~

  5. This made me so sad... The swamp down the road dried up in the drought this year, and I so missed the sound of the geese that would stop by in the fall on their way to warmer climes.... A beautiful write!

  6. Beautiful sonnet - capturing the season and the timeless question - "how do they know". Wonderfully written. Thank you!

  7. Like mariners once sailed afar,
    they navigate by moon and star;
    and drawn by some internal force...isn't it magical..? such a beautiful capture.. sometimes i wish i could fly with them a bit..smiles..great flow in this ginny

  8. Beautiful Ginny! and what great form too! could be writing about birds, but I like to think you are writing abut the stars...that disappear under clouds just before it snows (as you have written) capture 'that' feeling you get when gazing at a clear december good

  9. Wonderful use of the form, Ginny. The image is a constant here in this part of the country. You capture the moments so well, as always.



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