Sunday, December 2, 2012

Infatuation, Nothing More

Image: Indestructible by Man Ray (Wikipedia)

Loud the metronome is clicking like some ancient clock now ticking
beating like a lover might upon his long lost true love’s door.
Waiting answer not forthcoming, steadily now hear the drumming,
in his head a soft voice humming…a humming like not heard before--
“Just a neighbor,” he was thinking—the voice that he’d not heard before,
                                                                        only that and nothing more

So he tarries in the shadow, nighttime passing to the morrow
seems his love had disappeared, deep anger prompts him to deplore--
Fast it seems, their days were fleeting; wronged and rueful heart retreating,
chill to chase someone who’s cheating; cheating back won’t even score;
burned and bruised, emotions bleeding--now he finally knows the score--
                                                                        infatuation, nothing more.

©  Ginny Brannan December 2012

(*chill: adj. discouraging, dispiriting)

Had a bit of fun with this, "Poe" etically speaking!! Written for The Mag #146.
Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #73 


  1. I took a Poe spin as well. Seemed natural to me.

  2. lol ohh, I love it,ginny! any raven fan would recognize it at once, and you nailed it, poetess :)


  3. oh wow...really well spun is haunting...and i def get your poe connection...

  4. I am so impressed! I should go erase my feeble effort.

  5. indeed impressed....thanks for sharing this

  6. Remarkable - that's the word that springs to mind...

  7. Oh the pain we sometimes out our hearts through until one day, hopefully we get it and then, get over it.
    Great piece Ginny.

  8. Fast it seems, their days were fleeting; wronged and rueful heart retreating,
    chill to chase someone who’s cheating; cheating back won’t even score.

    Absolutely loved your rhythmical rendition for this Mag, especially these two lines which are a delight to read aloud.:)

  9. Loved this! Quite rhythmic, hypnotic.

  10. the nod to Poe...

  11. You are a true word crafter Ginny!....Poe would be proud. :-)

  12. Ravens Beware when Ginny's about! Lovely!

  13. Ouch...seems there will be cheating, evermore. Good one Ginny.

  14. The language is exceptional. The story is sad. The emotion is alive. Really good poem.

  15. Sad that this was just a passing fancy ~ Good flow here Ginny ~

  16. As said above
    The flow I love
    and the reference too
    To Poe on cue
    Wonderfully spun
    Even if more of a sad run

  17. Great rhythm... A sad tale you played well throughout the form. Haunting, really.

  18. Wow. That's amazing. Beautiful rhythm and flow. <3

  19. Definitely channeling EAPoe! And how well you did it - and said a good deal more here than that vaguely scary Raven's nevermore. Ha. Loved it.

  20. Beautifully done, Ginny...haunting & evocative. Love it! :)

  21. I believe that Edgar himself is nodding from his grave. Wonderful work.


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