Sunday, October 7, 2012

Caught in Your Deadlights

How intricate those lies you spin--
well-shrouded in the perfect guise,
as subtly you hypnotize . . .

then soft, your touch against the skin
ever so light--until the bite
that paralyzes life within.

Your silken web now my demise,
entrapped within the lies you spin.

© Ginny Brannan October 2012
“For if you stay, you’ll lose your little mind in my deadlights.”
  Pennywise,“It,” by Stephen King

*Image taken by author of Nebscona Crucifera (Brown Orb Weaver)
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  1. Beautiful and sinister...and love the form! What a perfect metaphor.

  2. shivers...a bit scary....we had a black widow on the porch the other week that i had to move....yours though sounds a bit more intimate...and the lies we spin....

  3. People who easily craft lies are some of the most frightening manipulators. Good job expressing the eerie skill involved :)

  4. this is wonderful... i must admit that i kind of like spiders... great job with the eeriness of this.

  5. wow! never really thought about it till now.. liars ARE spiders! :D

  6. I really like this, Ginny. (And I love "deadlights." Great word.) There's a grim inevitability to it, one that is unfortunately familiar.

  7. Wow, Ginny! First, I love the poems title--clever! Second, the picture took me by surprise--perfect! And then the poetic narrative, the contrasting metaphor about spun "lies" using a spider, that's digging deep poetically. Awesome!!

  8. Ginny, This is a fine piece, accompanied by a wonderful's brilliantly distill, but has enough to show excellent development and balance. You've made this type of poetry your own and no one at dVerse does it better.

  9. The dual meaning, subtly shared, is not lost. Brief and direct, this piece feels full and complete.

  10. The spider (charlotte) in the pig (wilbur) cartoon had that soft deadly side -- yet it is a children's poem. Brutal

  11. IT- one of the scariest films EVER...i love it. This poem can be read in a few ways- you can take it literally as an eerie portrait of that arachnid....but i like thinking about this as description of SOMEONE....someone with those qualities...very cool Ginny


  12. hi Ginny

    i hope you aer well . . .
    The Brown Orb Weaver (wow)
    thats poetic in-itself
    and i must use it sometime in a poem of my own -
    what a fantastic name!

    i think you manage to deliver
    a piece that has web-like meaning

    which makes for an appealing read
    as we can all relate to one or other
    interprtation . . .

    thank you for visiting zero summer
    and for your kind words

    take care

    arron :)

  13. I like spiders but like your words more.

    Anna :o]


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