Monday, October 15, 2012

Deja Vu

Deja Vu

The mansion looms with windows black,
old portico barely intact;
while boarded panes enhance the gloom
and amplify its sense of doom.

On dead end street we follow track,
‘round ancient home with windows black,
and creeping through a splintered door
we sense that we’ve been here before.

We tiptoe down the creaking halls
our shadows race along the walls,
in austere home with windows black,
till bloody mallet flails attack.

As once the threshold’s crossed, it seems
this house imbeds you in its dreams…
there’s no escape, no turning back
from haunted manse with windows black.

Ginny Brannan October 2012
Written for FB Kindle Obsessed 10/14/12

A haunted tale for the Kindle Obsessed FB site contest, a short story to go with a picture prompt. I wrote this, only to learn I'd jumped the gun, that they were looking for an actual "Short Story" of 2500 - 7500 words. Ooops!! Here's the link to their site for any short story writers interested:

Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #67. 'Tis the Season!!


  1. ooo....haha...nice and creepy for the season....been in a few sketchy places in my day that def left an impression of darkness...

    1. already been here so i will just say hi...always good to see you ginny...smiles...hope you are well..

  2. Yes, perfect for the season, and flawless poetic scheme, as I've come to expect of you, Ginny!

  3. Big smile - loved the creepiness of this image getting in your soul and never.getting.out. [insert menacing laugh here]

    Loved it - Mosk

  4. This is great poetry!3000 words of feeling distilled into one cool creepy poem. Also love the pictures... spooky.

  5. ha...that goes well with the halloween season...old houses with no one living in them any more are so frightening..

  6. Nice interpretation and perfect for the season. Lovely, Ginny.

  7. Ahh... they rhythm and rhyme really add to the haunted house effect... vivid and scary.

  8. Yikes! The idea of being embedded in a house works super well - as we think of houses with beds, but not necessarily haunted houses! k.

  9. I'm reading this while watching Paranormal Witness. I am scared witless! Well done.

  10. Great job, Ginny. I could easily imagine this being read. Ic ould practically hear it.

  11. The cat would not go there. That is one scary lair and fun rhyme indeed, here at your feed.

  12. Gotta comment again, because this time I read it metaphorically as a journey into the subconscious (my psych nursing was in a Freudian-oriented era). What took me there was the line: "there's no escape, no turning back..." Excellent.

  13. I truly love your poetry. I would purchase a book of yours...


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