Sunday, July 22, 2012

'Stained' Glass

Image:  Galway Cathedral, Galway, Ireland 2006
As broken shards fall to the ground
the artist scores another round;
envisions template in his head,
has chosen favorite color, red.

Burnt copper casings fold around
the broken shards spread on the ground;
with heated flash and burst of light
he engineers into night.

Designed to give the most impact,
meticulous in every fact--
these broken shards spread on the ground
create a picture quite profound.

The finished image triggers tears,
and mem'ries that will live for years...
this craftsman’s work now world-renowned
from broken shards left on the ground.

© Ginny Brannan July 2012
*Dedicated to all of the "broken shards" from Aurora, CO this week, and to all families whose lives have been shattered by violence.

**In the making of a stained glass window, first a template is created, then the glass is scored and shaped to fit the template. The glass is held together by H-shaped cames in lead or copper that are bent and heat soldered to hold the glass and  create the finished image. When I learned of the tragedy, I listened to the first hand accounts of a flash, smoke, those closest being burned by hot copper casings as they rained around them. Images of the victims as 'broken shards' haunted my thoughts. Hence, this metaphoric piece came to be. 
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  1. Wow Ginny, this is powerful. Really tight rhyme and meter as well. Well done. And I think a more formal, distanced handling of such a tragic subject really gives it a fitting dignity and weight.

  2. A wonderful poem. There is a strong undercurrent to this poem. A sweet sadness I think. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. The poem is almost too beautiful for its subject matter. It is very well done though. k.

  4. Real power here Ginny! It shines, well done :D

  5. what a beautifully penned tribute from a wonderful woman and poet. just lovely Ginny.

  6. Well done. So very condensed, and lovely.

  7. I have to agree, that this is almost too beautiful for the subject matter ... but you know, I think we need to make the beautiful twist, to see the beautiful chords that exist everywhere, even in the minor-key'd passages of tragedy.

  8. nice...i love stained glass and its pretty amazing what they can do with the glass...this is def a great response as well to what happened...i hope that some beauty can arrise from the broken

  9. Powerful and great heartbreaking.

  10. Beautiful, classy, artful and wonderful write, Ginny. It was pleasant to the eyes. And the font: A perfect idea. I will work hard at following you poetic compositions. But this one--brilliant.

  11. this is a beautiful metaphor for such a tragic event. i love the notion that out of all the brokenness, the shards, in time, we will find the beauty.

  12. a lovely tribute
    a tragic night.

  13. truly lovely way to honor and give expression to those lost and the impact of this type of chaos. ~ Rose

  14. Beautifully creative metaphor Ginny. Here's praying that something beautiful will arise from the broken shards of people's lives in Aurora

  15. We play at the dark side in our movies and call it entertainment. And then are shattered when their pathology comes to life. Were the Chigal windows at Chartre Cathedral pieced together from shattered shards after World War II? Possibly. But the more usual stained glass is cut by the hand of an artisan. I would not give the shooter in Aurora any consideration as an artist. Anything artful that arises out of this tragedy and shines with new light is due to artful hands likes yours, Ginny!

  16. Thought provoking poem! Very well written. Much like vitims pick up the pieces of their lives, so the artist begins...

  17. The 'broken shards' are indeed beautiful. The rhythm in this poem is excellent. :)

  18. A wonderfully thoughtful tribute to shattered lives.


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