Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weather (or Not)

To hang our hope for early spring
on such cute, furry critter...
then learn, alas, his shadow seen--
now six more weeks of winter!
©Ginny Brannan February 2, 2012
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*Groundhog Day, an annual tradition held each February 2nd in Puxatawny, PA. There, amongst much pomp and circumstance, this poor little critter is pulled out of his customized burrow to predict by his shadow which it will be: if no shadow, an early spring; if he sees his shadow, then six more weeks of winter!! 
(Admittedly, his predictions are even better than our local weather station!!)

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  1. seriously what is he thinking? smiles...after the semi spring winter we have had i keep waiting for the bad really...


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