Monday, February 13, 2012


Image provided by Tess Kincaid/The Mag

slow slide to dark side…
temptation draws you deeper
twisting inside out

riding shattered highs
in life of smoke and mirrors
hopelessly engulfed

captured in the lie
one moment <frozen> in time
beauty’s voice falls mute

bared for all to see
the final cost…what was lost,
such a tragedy

©  Ginny Brannan February 2012

A series of four haiku/senryu formatted together. 
Sharing at "The Mag" #104 2/12/12. They provide the image, we provide the story.


  1. Oh, very good take Ginny. And quite timely in light of the news over the weekend. Your first line is so good, drawing us in...and I like the form too.

  2. we will always get caught in our lies....even if we are the only ones doing the catching...very nice take on addiction is a slippery slope for sure...

  3. Beauty's voice falls mute - awesome!

  4. What a neat format. I couldn't manage one haiku, let alone four in a row! Nice, the way your words flow off the tongue.

  5. in life of smoke and mirrors
    hopelessly engulfed

    And life is all illusion...

  6. It is such a shame what addiction can do....very captured it beautifull Ginny!

  7. This makes me think of Whitney's voice gone mute...and her struggle with addiction..great timely piece!

  8. i love the opening line.

    <a href=">haunting suppleness</a>

  9. Nicely done within the form, and so appropriate given the recent event. moment in time... there have been too many of those moments for folks of our generation. Well done. Great sense of timing and pace.

  10. Smoke and is often comprised of these...


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