Friday, June 10, 2011

Are we ‘Game?’

Are we all just players in some fantastic game?
Too far left we lose, too far right we lose;
seems it’s better to pretend that we are the same.

  Only those who plan three moves ahead will ever win--
  The rest pick up the pieces, and start the game again.

© Ginny Brannan June 2011
Image courtesy Magpie Tales: Sowa King

Sharing at Magpie Tales  #86


  1. I just browsed through some of your archives. It's really nice to find someone who appreciates the formal forms.

  2. Hmm. Three steps ahead? But will they be able to respond to life's curve balls... And they will come!

  3. def better to think ahead, look in the moment but keep an eye on the horizon...and we will all lose at lose point so keep picking up the pieces...

  4. Love how you used/played the King ....

  5. this is remarkable.

    we are players indeed.

  6. Interesting association of ideas with the prompt picture and the chess piece. Checkmate to you, I'd say!


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