Thursday, February 15, 2018

Safe Haven

Times were so much simpler then
the world so big and far away,
future bright and full of promise—
had our family, had our friends
no worries to get in the way.

But as we grew, our differences
rose more pronounced with each new day,
yet our core values still remained
beneath it all, the emphasis:
no matter what, we’d be okay.

Perhaps it is naïveté
to think that things could stay the same…
nestled safe in our cocoons
where outside world was kept at bay,
and innocents were not consumed.

But life, we learned, is not a game—
the moral values we once claimed
no longer deemed necessity;
coping skills, so long ingrained,
now lost inside complacency.

The darkness spreads now unconstrained,
our safety net has long been torn.
We can’t go back to where we were
but can’t continue in this vein
where daily shootings are the norm.

As NRA renews platform;
quotes amendments, seals their base,
how do we protect our children?
No safe haven from this maelstrom
so those “paid off” will not lose face.

Comes a time to stop discussing
before another school’s laid waste
words are nothing without change
until then there is no trusting.
Don’t forget now, we are watching
when vote comes you’ll be replaced.

© Ginny Brannan 2018

Another day, another school shooting. Thoughts and prayers, or voices and change. You decide. 

My love goes out to all the mothers, fathers, families and friends in Parkland who have had their hearts ripped out in this horrible massacre.

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