Monday, August 17, 2015

This Möbius Trip

I’ve walked through darkness and the light
forced to steer down unknown paths…           
no map or compass point to guide,
no stars visible at night;           
no angels here to walk beside me.

This life is constantly recast
transposed by circumstance unplanned.
We micro-shift to stay the course,
hope left dangling beyond grasp;
journeying on endless plight…

“You get no more than you can stand,”           
      what fool created such a quote?           
”Make lemonade” “Stiff upper lip”           
We skirt the borders of the damned…
      just struggling to stay afloat.

Now juggling this unsought load
for days on days without relief;
…threatening to take us down
     until we’re ready to implode.

Bent and broken, yet we cling
to one small voice that will not leave:
the one that whispers, “You’ll survive…”
 —that shaft of light upon rise—
praying not to be deceived,
bent and broken by more lies.

Ever-questing for the truth;
some inner strength on which to draw,
a rope to pull us from the depths,
to keep the devil from his due

Reaching for a second wind,
     another sigh…begin again.

© Ginny Brannan 2015


  1. Beautiful words ! yes,,,begin again <3

  2. Well done, and well lived, my friend. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. xx

  3. This life is constantly recast
    transposed by circumstance unplanned.

    how true that is, we can not see the future but it def has us in its sights and we either roll with it or we become the schrapnel of it. And i hate those cliches on how to do it. The best we can do is begin again.

    1. Exactly. Sometimes just to 'keep going' is a victory...


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