Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The View Over Morning Coffee

I’ve yet to tire of the view
refined by changes over time
the tiny shafts of morning light
brighten landscape till it shines.

And on the grass the morning dew
reflects like diamonds on each blade
dampness slow to dissipate
it lingers under oaken shade

The shadows shift, the seasons pass
a single constant still remains:
I see the young man I once knew
despite the years, he hasn‘t changed.

How do you know if love will last,
as decades pass will it remain?
If face that greets you in the morn
in ages hence will still sustain?

I’ve yet to tire of your face
familiar as my mirrored own…
your smile lines, your silver threads;
our stories etched on skin and bone.

As morning breaks we pour a cup
and through the steam we greet the day,
again I’m taken with the view:
your smile takes my breath away.

©  Ginny Brannan 2015

For Chris and Rick, may the years be kind to you.

And for my Ray, whose smile still takes my breath away.


  1. You know. It is a beautiful thing that you share this moment each morning. More couples need to do that. So that their stories intersect more often. There is so much that can get into the way of that relationship. We have to be intentional in developing it.

  2. A wonderful love poem. I'm glad there are no phones, no tv, just coffee and your best friend.

  3. This was gorgeous. Loved it. May everyone be so loved. Bravo!

  4. This is masterfully crafted, and such a lovely sentiment, Ginny. I echo Buddah, Bravo!


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