Saturday, January 31, 2015

On Silver Fields

I long to walk the silver fields
under half-cast haloed light:
the chilled night air calls out to see
such wonders that may be revealed
unto this stagnant, indoor sight.

I step into the waiting night,
my footfall bold on crusted snow,
aberrant sound disturbs the air—
my prints emboss the winter white,
such foreign-size in nature’s eyes.

Along the old stonewall I go,
the winterberries almost past;
the slightest touch, the softest brush
impressed into the powdered snow
reveal where tiny birds have fed.

I cut across toward sleeping wood
to intersect another path…
the deep and cloven prints reveal
where deer have trekked in search of food—
stripped sapling bark a tasty meal.

Now turn along the sleeping brook
to hear beneath its frozen glass
the water pulsing, pushing past—
awaiting thaw, again to dash
and splash this bed from whence it births.

And there, across this barren tract
more imprints seal another tale
two long, two short; then stroke of wings
where preying owl perchance prevailed
on snowshoe hare; small life curtailed.

Upon these silver fields I’ve trailed
over shadowed tracts I’ve roamed…
I’ve read the tales the snow’s revealed—
oh, how its stories have regaled!
Now cleave to path that leads me home.

© Ginny Brannan 2015

Sharing at dVerse Poet's January 2015 Open Link Night.

Inspired on the drive home last night, in part by many winter treks through our New England snow, and in part by an article recently read in Yankee Magazine "Return to Silver Fields" about author Rowland Evans Robinson, Ferrisburg, VT1833-1900; the title somewhat "borrowed"from his 'Silver Fields and Other Sketches of a Farmer-Sportsman'


  1. really a beautiful write...i would personally love all the snow...but there is a time, once we have shared in its stories that we need to cleave that way back home....the last stanza in particular really brings that home ginny

  2. I’ve read the tales the snow’s revealed— oh i love this ginny... so much to see if we open our eyes - and the mind's eyes as well...and it always takes us somewhere in that longing for home

  3. Ginny, this is such an impressive write.. it brought back memories from my youth.. I remember those walks on moonlit snow.. how each footfall sounded... and all those tracks showing in the moonlight..

  4. On silver fields I too would like to go for a walk. This was a beautiful poem the last stanza really captures the journey. I read this a couple of times as I just love it!

  5. New England has it's poets and there's one today whose work is rivaling that of
    Robert Frost--you. The form is flawless and there is so much beauty in this, Ginny. This (almost) seduces me to move to the Northeast where true poetry blooms--even in winter.

  6. This was so lovely, I felt like I was traveling with you. Winter is hard and long and tries my patience, but your words gave me a newfound appreciation for it.

  7. What a beautiful capture of the winter season - the tracks, the animals -

    Thanks for sharing this Ginny ~ One of your best writings ~


  8. it may be 'borrowed' but "silver fields" is a perfect description for a snow-covered landscape under the winter moon. beautifully written poem!

  9. I liked this walk on the snow with you, Ginny. There is something very special about these first steps on the snow after a snow fall and yet we also enjoy being home again.

  10. What a beautiful expression of a well-observed winter walk.

  11. 'Silver fields' - utterly gorgeous.

  12. Oh, I love those wintry walks - there is something so closely observed about the nature in this poem - a Wordsworthian feel to it.

  13. Beautifully evocative Ginny - I was with you all the way on this... Thank you With Best Wishes Scott

  14. As I read this poem, it recalled a memory of my youngest daughter and I walking her morning paper route and while each step I took was "crunch, crunch, crunch through the hardened crust - she danced across the top, light as a fairy.

    That is the power of imagery

  15. For some reason I was imagining the Beatles' song "Strawberry Fields" playing in the background while reading this poem. Probably because of the similarity in title. I really enjoyed reading this poem because of all the similarities of home that it reminds me of.

  16. Ginny, this is excellent! Breath-taking writing. t has a classical feel to it & kind of reminds me of Robert Frost. Thank you for your long comment on my poem. I was surprised how strongly it affected people...

  17. Ginn, I'm one of your fans now aw! Lovely poems and writing . I remember my silver fields day, when I was in Canada.

  18. Sounds just beautiful and so well-conveyed, Ginny. Thanks. K.


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