Saturday, September 27, 2014

Autumn Days

At first the slightest hint of red
understates the deeper green
the hint of changes yet to come…
unfettered now to run its course—
meandering through last warm days,
numbed by chill of early eves.

Delirious we drink this change
as if by absinthe, undermined...
Yielding to elliptic spin,
so comes autumn once again.

© Ginny Brannan 2014

Image taken by author taken at Old Sturbridge Village, MA


  1. Yes, at first there is only a hint of red; and gradually the red becomes dominant. I really enjoy the color of autumn, but do not look forward to the colorlessness that follows!

  2. I see the colors of autumn around our park too ~ I love this time, warm yet cool and most of the leaves still hanging up the tree ~

  3. Beautifully lyrical Ginny - a lovely read.. Thank you With Best Wishes Scott

  4. Lovely Ginny--I think the absinthe makes it headier somehow--

  5. Love the elliptic spin of the passing seasons!

  6. autumn is my fav time of year...i love its pause and soft inhale...the cool mornings...and the flash of color before the long sleep....

  7. …and I never tire of the "spin" of Autumn :)

  8. there's so much magic in autumn's dance...first so subtle and slowly and then getting wild and colorful before the fall... love the delirious drinking of his change...she's def. intoxicating in a good way...smiles
    cool pic as well ginny

  9. Lovely capture, Ginny. There is magic to Autumn. :)

  10. What a lovely picture to go with a lovely poem... and you must be a close observer of nature to see the gradual slide into autumn. In my case, I deny it, deny i... until suddenly it has arrived and I can ignore it no more!

  11. Autumn has many blessings.. the colors ... the splendor.. I just came back from picking mushrooms.. and that's another blessing of the autumn..

  12. Oh!..i love Autumn and your love for FALL RINGS true here...

    The hot Summers of infusing energy into me are gone now..

    in my North Florida..but yeah..still 90's come and go..

    but never the less..with all that Sun infused energy of Summer sprawl....


    WITH AUTUMNS fall. :)

  13. Spring fever quickens the blood, but autumn ecstasies linger and how. You nailed it.

  14. You may have to rethink that relationship, yourwords were filled with power


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