Thursday, May 9, 2013

Listen for Me

Within the whisper of wind-kissed leaves,
the bright-colored flowers that scatter the fields;
the gentle spring rain, the cool morning dew
you’ll find the love that I send to you.

Walking the beach on warm summer day
in the salt breeze where surf hugs the sand;
or hiking worn paths in cool mountain air
remember me, for I am there.

In kaleidoscope colors that autumn imbues…
brushstrokes of reds and ambers and golds;
as winter’s first snowflakes tickle your cheek,
ever so softly, you’ll hear me speak.

Time is but fleeting; so full of unknowns--
we’re here for a moment,  then we are gone.
Remember these words, for this much is true:
I will live on there inside of you.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

Image taken by author: Rosa rugosa, Maine 2011


  1. beautiful. reassuring. what a love...written so gently as well...makes me think of a message left for those still alive, after dying...

  2. Few love poems could apply to any target. This one could; especially to one's child.
    Beautiful without excess sentimentality.

  3. I agree with all that is written above. A while back I created my own book on my Mac. It was so easy and the quality awesome. Apple printed it and mailed it to me. I love having all my poems in a real book... I say this as I really think you should do this to. Your poetry is beautiful!


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