Thursday, May 30, 2013

Demons and Angels

Image: Angels Grunge Artwork, Alex Cherry

It’s funny how that early pain
still trickles down through all the years,
to seep into those shadowed spaces.
Who knew how much there still remained
to bleed the heart, invade the soul.

Its funny how the hurt adheres
even if one never mentions
the wounds concealed in hidden places.
It’s hard to talk about past fears
with those who’ll never understand.

In you, there was no condescension.
You listened, bowed, as though in prayer--
then stood and wrapped me in your wings;
(it must have been some odd reflection,
for one can’t see what isn’t there).

We shelve our anger and despair;
raise fast the shields, choose to ignore;
never opting to confide
neglecting life in disrepair
till someone cracks those firm defenses.

Through you, my spirit was restored
the scarring finally reconciled;
my soul redeemed in graced reward.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

*For my co-worker and colleague:
I’d watched the devil from the outside,
you’d faced your demons from the inside;
two different sides of alcoholism.
We are survivors.

This one is a little more personal than most. Our pasts need not define us, and yet they are still a part of us. This is inspired from a lunchtime conversation shared with a coworker, a kindred spirit, sharing stories not often shared. 


  1. smiles...i am glad that you had each other...and that for a time your stories came together...both dealing with similar things...different angles maybe but....always better together you know...smiles.

  2. There's nothing like sharing stories with a kindred spirit. I would say how we approach our past defines us, more than the past itself. But I do feel it trickling, sometimes like water dripping on my forehead.

  3. Just that little bit of support and encouragement helps but, true, often those defenses take one hell of a battering!


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