Monday, February 18, 2013

Face Lift

Image: Wind of History, Jacek Yerka

We wrestle over muddied ruts
toward austere shell left long ago--
stone walls in ruins still surround
the disrepaired and ill-kempt grounds
while barren trees line up in rows.

The home endures like some grand dame
behind the rusted iron gate;
a once proud beauty so aloof,
now crows lie nesting ‘neath her roof…
long years abandoned, left to fate.

And yet her bones were built to last
untouched by age or weathered storm.
Each hollow room whispers a story,
thick dust belies her former glory
as we assess and then transform.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

Written for The Mag #156, image provided by Tess Kincaid. 
She provides image, we the story!


  1. We wrestled over muddied ruts...great opening.

  2. Oh, and to have a camera in hand to photograph her "bones, built to last". Yes, "ruts" kept coming to my mind as well, but I had to go with the image of the cat I saw yesterday. Love this, and the "grand dame" illusion. Spot on, Ginny! (hey, I enjoyed Killing Lincoln, but I always find myself saying so much is left out! There is NEVER a substitute for a book, is there? :)

  3. I'm hoping, as you described, my bones have been built to last ~ at least a few more years!! :-)

  4. nice...i like how you personified the house is our bones or foundation that will carry us forward as the outside will def keep changing...smiles...

  5. Colorful remembering and re-living. Well done.

  6. Love the whole thing, especially the ending. You personified the house as a grand dame..She was and still is.

  7. I know all about weathering storms - but maybe of a different sort?:-)

  8. A grand dame indeed....beautiful write Ginny!

  9. Always read your stuff out loud...lovely and lyrical...

  10. I'm with Tess... this demands to be read out loud.

  11. She sounds strong and able in her past glory indeed! I feel quite sorry for her......

  12. oh where did that mockingbird poem go...


  13. wrestling lover mud, bones built to last, i like it.


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