Monday, May 7, 2012

In River’s Wake

Image: Stainforth-River Irwell

The rains came, fast soaking
already saturated ground
till it could swallow no more;
ten thousand rivulets finding
snow carved ruts and valleys,
racing to join mountain streams,
flooding fields, washing over rocks,
white water on  a gray day--
until even rocks were covered
and all became one churning
river of yellow mud and silt.

Waters recede to a landscape
changed forever; and the resolve
of a people whose fortitude
could not be destroyed.

© Ginny Brannan May 2012

A smaller river flowing into the Connecticut River

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 In 2011 Hurricane Irene dropped 15'' of rain in Vermont onto already saturated soil, flooding the quiet rivers and streams, destroying homes, historic covered bridges and devastating many villages. Vermonters, a tough breed, are already rebuilding and rebounding!


  1. you have to be a tough breed to go through the 1985 it got my grandmothers house...gutted was brutal...they fixed it up and eventually moved...i still love that home though...

    1. know i was here already but swinging by on OLN to say hi...smiles.

  2. Peaceful rivers can become so mighty overnight...

  3. Mmm, yes. I lived on the beside a river along the flood plain too. Very descriptive

  4. I count myself lucky that the only flood I've ever encountered, was all over my kitchen floor when the sink overflowed! I had toddlers in the bath upstairs, and came down to a virtual paddling pool. I remember hastily fitting a baby gate across the doorway, before I started mopping up, and my small niece stood on the outside, saying wistfully " I wish I could come and paddle with you!"

  5. Descriptive write! I have never been through a flood, but I am sure that I would not like it one little bit--

  6. Ginnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy! Tonight your words flow like water! I literally felt them tumbling as I was reading....and a great tribute to the perseverance of the human spirit - I can't imagine what I'd do if this happened to me....The ten thousand rivulets lines were so descriptive

  7. i was camping in the adirondacks when that storm came, they kicked us out, sent us home, and we went to albany to my daughter's house, floods everywhere there...

    this was a beautiful description of a very destructive force, and i love the hope in the ending!

  8. Great description of the floodwaters!

  9. This is the second wet poem I've read today. Water sure can shape us, be our friend or enemy. And we can't live without it.

  10. Very visual poem. I can see it all. Great ending; applies to people everywhere who've been through any sort of watery natural disaster.

  11. This reminded me of a recent flood here in the Okanagan in British Columbia recently. Mighty wake indeed.

  12. Visual and lovely..great ending!

  13. So visual..I have seen the flooding hurricanes bring living on the Gulf Coast. Amazing how the human spirit will rebound and rebuild.

  14. It's amazing the power of people in spite of the power of rains and flood. Love the last stanza... =)

  15. I remember how Irene was here, but we didn't get all the rain that you guys did further north of us. People are amazingly resilient...I loved this poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Peace to you

  16. I live a block away from the Truckee river and we've had a couple of floods, although they haven't directly affected us, we live in respect of her power and the awareness that life as it is today is not forever.

  17. A tribute to the power of nature and the spirit of humanity....this is beautiful Ginny! :-)

  18. Wonderful flow of images. Water is powerful.

  19. Like the great flood, or the one that swallowed Atlantis. Thanks.

  20. Powerful image and the final stanza is beautiful.

    Anna :o]


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