Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moon Shadows

Just for fun, in honor of Halloween 2011

Late night, moonlight casts shadows on the wall;
floor creaks, curiosity piques, I tiptoe down the hall.
Cat jumps, heart pumps faster with this scare--
another sound, I glance around, and whisper soft “Who’s there?”

The clock ticks out the minutes; no one says a word;
no other sound is heard.

Standing still, sheer force of will, seeking inner calm.
I confess, am quite distressed—feel the sweat-drenched palm.
Turn around, bedroom-bound, when movement catches eye--
deep breath, scared to death, something’s still awry…

Outside echoes, “whoo, WHOO?” of owl up in the tree.
Cannot help but wonder, “Who it is indeed?”

Wide-awake, cannot shake this feeling of forebode,
not insane, but can’t explain what has gotten hold.
Turn on lights, doors locked tight-- all is safe <or is it?>
Am I host to some old ghost on his midnight visit?

No one will believe it; they’ll say this allegation
is just another figment of my imagination.

©   Ginny Brannan October 2011

Images: Edward M. Gorey, artist

Sharing at d'Verse Poet's Pub Open Link Night Week 15 10/25/11


  1. Imagined or real, i will not get up at night to investigate a sound.. my hubby will do it. ha..ha..

    nice halloween story ~

  2. haha yeah I don't believe it, nope not going to sway me, okay maybe just maybe, nope never..haha
    Fun read it was.

  3. Sometimes you just get the feeling of a presense.

    Nice work here, I can feel the tension and feel that fear, wondering if you might get scared to death if you did indeed see something. There's a hint of relief at the end in addition to the wonder, I think.

    Thanks for the spooky mood. :)

    - Ravenblack

  4. ha you gave me shivers...and they felt good because this was a fun spooky read....smiles.

  5. I'm in awe of this Halloween poem, Ginny! First class and "scary" in a fun way. Perfect.

  6. Great poem, Ginmy. I especially loved all the interior rhymes you managed to weave into the fabric of this piece. If I tried that, my head would explode. Another frightening thought. Thaks for sharing this with us. -- j

  7. Ah good ghost story for Halloween and fun for all. Well written, I enjoyed it! Thanks.

  8. truly haunting indeed, glad to see you share with us,

  9. another figment of imagination,

    love the line, Happy Poetry Picnic, you are such a gem, smiles.

  10. your poem is featured at week 39 poetry picnic.



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