Sunday, June 28, 2020

Stepping Stones

All those many years ago
when days were long and time moved slow
and moments seemed to stretch forever,
families gathered frequently 
for holidays and barbecues
the seasons passed so languidly
seems such an eternity ago

Then school inhabited our days 
friendships forged, some left behind…
Our want of change came from within
ever searching for some sign.
The time ticks forward on the clock.
we learn how harsh that fate can be,
but forge ahead,  as forge we must
and while we’re learning who we are
we’re also learning whom to trust.
Another step, another loss 
but there are gains along the way…
the confidence I’d never had
a gift from one who understands;
so the fool has found her voice
as hourglass metes out its sand.

We watch the seasons as they pass
the joys and sorrows fall like rain
with age comes the capacity
to separate the lies from fact
to learn from all our loss and pain,
while dealing with reality.
And through it all our children grow
the second hand moves faster now—
as sworn protectors of their fate
we’ve little time to contemplate.
The days all seem to merge as one,
we hope somehow we’ve done our jobs
to send them out into the world
but yet our work seems barely done.

And as we let these young folk go
this brand new generation born
—maturing ever fast it seems,
we pray they’ll come to recognize
as we were once so they are now:
filled with hope and bent on change
they wait to realize their dreams.
We hang our faith upon these young
may they do better than we’ve done
and may they keep their souls intact
upon the road they’ve just begun.

© Ginny Brannan 2020

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