Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Love Song

Hey now my darlin’, it’s time to come home
I’ve been waiting on you for a while—
our seeds are all sown
and our grandkids are grown,
it’s time that I shared your smile.

Hey now my darlin’, the voice that you hear
as you try to hold on a bit longer…
you remember it well,
by your eyes I can tell
that each day my whisper grows stronger.

Yet, dearest darlin', I’ve always been here
through the laughter, the joy, and the pain…
through sunshine and sadness,
the moments of gladness—
a part of me always remained.

Hey now my darlin', I’m waiting for you
to hold you again, to embrace;
there’ll be hugging and kissing,
and much reminiscing
as I trace the soft lines on your face.

Hey there my darlin', now just close your eyes—
tell me, whose is the face that you see?
The one who adores you,
who lived his life for you…
it’s time to come home now
          to me

© Ginny Brannan 2017

For J & J—and for all whose love endures...


  1. Unusual to use the structure of a limerick, Ginny, but it works beautifully.

    1. Didn't know what to call it, so called it just a "rhyme." Didn't even see it as a limerick format, yet I suppose it sort of is. being 5 lines, but not so much topic-wise, as I believer limericks are supposed to be humorous.For me, it's just how the words fell when I was writing it. Thanks for your feedback, John. Really appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment.


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