Thursday, May 4, 2017

Just Three Simple Words

How sweet the innocence that’s found
in children and the elderly;
the joy unbounded they exude
with love both simple and profound
that for the rest of us, eludes.

The young with their straightforwardness—
a child giggles, happily
untainted by the world beyond
with no reserve or attitude
their love shared, unabashedly
both color-blind and rainbow-hued.
In turn, receiver then responds
in kind, to share this special gift
that’s given, unsolicited;
and so we’re captured in this bond
that we embrace with gratitude.

The elderly live time reversed—
they’re locked inside their solitude
so often jaded and despondent.
Yet laughter often lifts this curse:
we watch their spark return once more
to leave us humbled and subdued.
I heard your words, my heart expands
within this bond that we have shared,
this momentary interlude
between two friends of circumstance.

Within a world of happenstance,
so often words get misconstrued
or took for granted once they’re said.
Without reward or recompense
they’re left ignored as they accrue.

And what is learned through this review?
    —We must embrace each "I love you."

© Ginny Brannan 2017

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