Thursday, April 20, 2017

Playing for the Win

Image: Wikipedia, Snakes and Ladders

I’ve never been good at playing games—
I can’t bluff to save my life
all that I feel is written across my face,
so cards are out.
And chess would not be my forte;
I barely have the ability to see one move ahead
much less twelve to the win.
Monopoly, like poker, and chess,
requires certain skills,
none of which I possess.
No, my life is more like Snakes and Ladders
a mix of skill and chance, good and bad
of climbing and slipping back again
How many times have I ended up where I’ve begun
—falling back to square one?
I can only hope when the game is complete
that the virtues will outweigh the sins
and I will find the salvation that awaits
those who persist.

© Ginny Brannan 2017

To learn more about this fascinating game, a pretty good reflection on life itself, check it out at Wikipedia.

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